Do you suspect you or your child might have autism?

Comprehensive diagnosis services for the answers you need

When developmental milestones are not being met, or for teens and adults seeking a diagnosis, you may feel unclear about where to turn and what to do next. Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) provides diagnostic services to help individuals and families at the start of their journey. An accurate diagnosis is the first step on a path towards progress. SARRC professionals will help put a plan of action together so you can feel confident about your path towards answers and progress.

SARRC’s Diagnostic Services Program

An accurate diagnosis is essential as you lay the proper foundation for autism treatment. Our staff is comprised of licensed psychologists who have expertise in early detection of autism in toddlers, as well as the evaluation of young children, teens and adults. The process includes a developmental history interview with a parent or caregiver and direct interaction with the individual.

For more information about our Diagnostic Services program or to schedule an evaluation, please contact SARRC's intake team in one of the following ways:


Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment

If traveling to SARRC is difficult, we encourage you to look into the Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment app (NODA). NODA was developed and tested by SARRC research and is an accurate, remote diagnostic service that uses smartphone technology and a team of clinicians at SARRC to diagnose – or rule out – autism. 

For more information about NODA, please contact SARRC's intake team in one of the following ways: