Established in 1997, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) is an internationally recognized nonprofit that conducts innovative research, provides evidence-based practices, disseminates effective training and builds inclusive communities for individuals with autism and their families. SARRC is dedicated to autism research, education, evidence-based treatment, and community outreach. Additionally, SARRC is one of the only autism organizations in the world that provides a lifetime of services for individuals and their families while also conducting cutting edge research. 

We're also an entrepreneurial nonprofit, with less than three percent of annual revenue coming from state and federal funding. Our 18,000-square-foot Campus for Exceptional Children and our 10,000-square-foot Colonel Harland D. Sanders Center for Autism Studies, co-located with our Vocational & Life Skills Academy, are state-of-the-art clinical centers that serve as models for similar research and resource facilities.

SARRC’s clinical model

SARRC’s clinical model is grounded in applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic behavioral interventions in inclusive environments, including but not limited to: in the home, in school, on the job or in the community. SARRC provides support through children’s services, family services, teen and adult services, diagnostic services, community services, and ongoing research studies.

Each of SARRC’s therapeutic programs, classes, and trainings are guided by best practice models; the most currently available science; increasing independence and producing meaningful outcomes; and the individualized needs of the children, teens, adults, and families we serve.

Our Mission

To advance research and provide a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families.

Our Vision

People with autism meaningfully integrated into inclusive communities.

What's Next?

Learn how SARRC will put effective services within reach of every Arizonan by 2030 here