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Teen and Adult Services

SARRC is here to help navigate your next steps

SARRC understands that the transition into adulthood can be overwhelming and offers services to meet the needs of teens and adults with autism and their families. SARRC's goal is to ensure that people with autism are meaningfully integrated into their community with the opportunity to work and live more independently.

Teens and Adult Services at SARRC

Autism symptoms may continue to challenge teens and adults as they work to develop relationships and become more independent. Research shows that intervention can continue to be beneficial beyond childhood. SARRC’s Teen and Adult Services focus on building independence, executive functioning, and advocacy.

Our clinical model relies on applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic interventions in inclusive environments, including but not limited to the home, school, on the job or in the community. Each of SARRC's programs are grounded by evidence-based practices to increase self-sufficiency ultimately working to produce meaningful outcomes for our clients and their families.


Contact Our Team

SARRC’s Family Resource Team is ready to speak with you to learn more about your unique needs, share valuable community resources and answer your questions. They can also provide detailed information about SARRC’s Teen and Adult Services so you can select the program that is right for you.

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