Beneficial Beans

SARRC’S Beneficial Beans program creates possibilities, opportunities and self-confidence for adults with autism who are working towards meaningful community-based employment.

About Beneficial Beans®

SARRC's Beneficial Beans program is comprised of garden and retail internships for adults with autism offering unique, hands-on experience in retail and marketing, business administration, agriculture production and culinary experiences. Participation in a Beneficial Beans internship  allows individuals transferable skills they can readily use to sustain their future financial independence.

Interns work within the Beneficial Beans garden and retail store, which offers products such as fresh vegetables and fruit, coffee, eggs, homemade bread, canned goods, and other merchandise. There are opportunities to purchase online or in person, and wholesale retail buyers sell our products as well.

The curriculum as well as the course schedule has been designed to mirror the workplace and includes both technical and practical workplace skills. More than just a gardening program, Beneficial Beans creates possibilities, opportunities, and self-confidence for adults with autism that are working towards meaningful community-based employment. 

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For more information about SARRC's Beneficial Beans program, please contact us at or 602.340.8717.