Services for Teens

As children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) grow into adolescence, many of their needs change, while others remain the same. SARRC provides a variety of evidence-based programs that aim to meet the unique needs of teens with ASD.

PEERS® Program

SARRC is welcoming teens (7th through 12th grade) to the PEERS program. PEERS is an evidence-based, parent-assisted social skills program aimed to assist teens in making and keeping friends. Teens are taught a variety of lessons over the course of the 14-week program, ranging from how to enter and exit conversations to how to handle teasing, bullying, and rejection. Teens have the opportunity to practice the lesson content in the classroom setting by playing games, outdoor sports, and other socialization activities with other members of the group. Homework assignments are due weekly to ensure teens are practicing outside of the classroom. While the teen sessions are conducted, parents have a separate class in which they are taught how to support their child as a social coach outside of the program.

For more information on program dates, fees or to register, please contact our team at 602.218.8184.

Autism CommunityWorks (ages 13-18)

Autism CommunityWorks is an inclusive preemployment, community-based volunteer training program for teens with ASD and their typical peer mentors. There are two programs that comprise CommunityWorks: LibraryWorks and Good DeedWorks, and you can choose based interest and program availability. 

Good DeedWorks and LibraryWorks
Through Good DeedWorks and LibraryWorks, teens with ASD work alongside their teen mentors as they explore their interests and learn important skills to enhance their ability to live and work more independently. Through Good DeedWorks participants visit numerous nonprofits around the Phoenix area on Saturday mornings. During LibraryWorks, participants work in a library setting on Wednesdays. Each session is 2.5 hours and happens at a scheduled time, and includes volunteer work activities, social and/or career activities.

*In addition, 1:1 and parent training sessions are available.

Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors, who participate at no cost, have the opportunity to learn leadership skills through their role as a mentor. While working with participants with ASD, Peer Mentors will gain an understanding and acceptance for individuals who may be different from themselves. Benefits include:

  • Experience can be used in a resume and/or college application.
  • Fun, meaningful way to get involved within the community.
  • Certificate of the volunteer hours completed that can be used for school requirements.

For more information on program dates, fees or to register, please contact Pilar Dowling at 480.603.3283 or

Comprehensive Behavioral Program (all ages)

The Comprehensive Behavioral Program provides intensive, ABA intervention across environments to meet the needs of teenagers with ASD and their families. Treatment is primarily implemented in a teen’s home and community, and often coordinated with the teen’s school. Families receive a weekly parent training session, several weekly 1:1 intervention sessions, program management, and supervision from a BCBA.

Individualized goals are developed in coordination with the teen’s family, and focus on language, social, adaptive behavior, leisure, cognitive development and independence.

To learn more about our Comprehensive Behavioral Program, please contact Yvonne Jurrens at 480.269.8849 or

Employment Services (ages 16+)

SARRC's Employment Services is for individuals 16 years or older who have been diagnosed with ASD. Employment Services is focused on building skills to prepare for competitive employment through vocational assessments, social and adaptive skills training, and trial work opportunities and internships. Individuals who complete our program are better equipped with the skills needed to prepare for a job, enter into competitive, community-based employment and maintain employment.

Learn more by visiting our Employment Services page.