Services for Adults

First Place® Transition Academy, operated by SARRC

The First Place Transition Academy, operated by SARRC, is a two-year intensive and comprehensive community-based program designed to transition young adults with autism to living independently in the community. Within the Transition Academy program, SARRC uses applied behavior analysis (ABA) teaching strategies to work on independent living skills such as daily living, and social and employment skills. These skills are taught through a 32-course sequence culminating in a life skills certificate. Courses of the Learn4Idependence® curriculum include advocacy, safety, personal finances, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, food and nutrition, transition and career education and much more, all completed at various community college campuses. Students receive direct training on and practice all skills taught in the classroom. Paid internship programs are also available, with the goal of employment by graduation.

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Comprehensive Behavioral Program (All ages)

The Comprehensive Behavioral Program provides intensive, ABA intervention across environments to meet the needs of adults with ASD and their families. Treatment is primarily implemented in an individual’s home and community.

Families receive a weekly parent training session, several weekly 1:1 intervention sessions, program management, and supervision from a BCBA. Individualized goals are developed in coordination with the adult’s family, and focus on language, social, adaptive behavior, leisure, cognitive development and independence.

To learn more about our Comprehensive Behavioral Program, please contact Yvonne Jurrens at 480.269.8849.

Vocational Assessments

Vocational assessments are conducted to evaluate a client’s strengths, barriers and interests related to employment. This assessment is a valuable first step for older teens and adults as they begin exploring a path toward their employment endeavors. 

For more information, please contact Deanna Whiting at 602.218.8178.

Employment Services

SARRC creates partnerships with local and national employers to increase competitive employment opportunities for adults, while teaching appropriate work behaviors, building social skills and providing specialized vocational training. Clients receive a functional assessment to identify job readiness skills; development of vocational goals, supports, and accommodations; resume and job interview preparation; and on-the-job training and coaching. 

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Social Enterprise

SARRC Beneficial Beans garden and retail internship was created for adults with autism seeking experience and work history to gain competitive employment. Interships offer hands-on experience in retail and marketing, business administration, agriculture production and culinary experience. ​The curriculum and the course schedule have been designed to mirror the workplace and includes both technical and practical workplace skills. More than just a gardening program, Beneficial Beans creates possibilities, opportunities, and self-confidence for adults with autism that are working towards meaningful community-based employment.

Watch how Beneficial Beans makes a difference in the lives of adults on their journeys to more independent living.