SARRC Launches New Pilot Social Skills Program for Adults

Community Outreach Relationships and Engagement (CORE) will pilot this fall and will offer group-based programming for adults with and without autism.

Networking, social relationships and community engagement: these are all important skills needed as we transition to adulthood or continue to expand our skills as adults. This is why SARRC is introducing CORE, or Community Outreach Relationships and Engagement, a new program developed by SARRC's team to increase community integration, enhance community relationships and provide adults with autism the support necessary to obtain and maintain meaningful relationships with their communities and peers.  

CORE initially pilots this fall and will offer group-based opportunities for adults (18 and older) with and without autism over the course of 14 weeks.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this new, exciting program and look forward to seeing friendships blossom, social confidence and skills develop, and hopefully, through this pilot, watch this program grow for years to come,” says Michelle Reed, SARRC Senior Clinical Services Manager for Teen and Adult Services. 

CORE will meet on most Saturdays for two hours at different locations across the Valley. During these volunteer and social opportunities, weekly content will focus on volunteering, communication and relationship building, and community engagement. Each week, SARRC’s team will introduce a theme, for example, improving interpersonal relationships and understanding boundaries in relationships, online networking, expanding leisure skills, empathy, or how to better expand interests.

CORE will kick off with orientation on Sept. 25 and conclude on Jan. 29, 2022. There is no cost to participate. To learn more or for scheduling information, please contact our team »

Please note: No individualized treatment will be provided. 

Contact our team

For questions about CORE or other programs for teens and adults at SARRC, please contact Deanna Whiting at or 602.550.5736