SARRC's Clinical Approach

SARRC's clinical model utilizes applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic interventions in inclusive environments, including but not limited to the home, school, on the job or in the community. Each of SARRC's programs are grounded by evidence-based practice to increase self-sufficiency ultimately working to produce meaningful outcomes for our clients and families.


CommunityWorks is a supported inclusive clinical program that helps teens with and without an autism diagnosis. Together, all teen participants will have the opportunity to explore their interests and abilities in a variety of work environments while learning important skills to enhance their ability to live and work more independently. CommunityWorks is divided into two age groups: 13-15 years and 16-18 years. Each group session is 2.5 hours, and takes place on Saturday mornings throughout the year. Additionally, those with an ASD diagnosis receive one-on-one sessions with a SARRC clinician.

Individual and group-based parent training sessions are conducted monthly.

Funding Options

  • Private insurance
  • Private pay

Contact Us

For more information on program dates or to register, please contact a SARRC Intake Specialist at 602.606.9806.

CommunityWorks Peer Mentorship Opportunity

We are always looking for volunteer teen Peer Mentors age 13-18, who will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills through their role as a volunteer mentor. Peer Mentor gain an understanding of neurodiversity and learn more about those who may be different from themselves. Teens will also benefit from:

  • An experience that can be used in a resume or college application.
  • Connecting with businesses in your community.
  • Volunteer hours may be used for school requirements.

For more information on program dates or to register as a Peer Mentor, please contact a SARRC Intake Specialist at 602.606.9806.