All Ages

Evaluation and Diagnosis 

An accurate diagnosis is essential as you lay the proper foundation for autism treatment. Our staff is comprised of licensed psychologists who have expertise in early detection of autism in toddlers, as well as the evaluation of young children, teens and adults. The process includes a developmental history interview with a parent or caregiver and direct interaction with the individual.

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Comprehensive Behavioral Program

The Comprehensive Behavioral Program provides intensive, ABA intervention across environments to meet the needs of individuals with ASD and their families. Treatment is primarily implemented in an individual’s home and community, and often coordinated with the school for children and teens. Families receive a weekly parent training session, several weekly 1:1 intervention sessions, program management, and supervision from a BCBA.

Individualized goals are developed in coordination with the individual’s family, and focus on language, social, adaptive behavior, play or leisure, and cognitive development.

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