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About the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Established in 1997, the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center’s (SARRC) mission is to advance research and provide a lifetime of support for individuals with autism and their families.

SARRC undertakes self-directed research, serves as a satellite site for national and international projects and provides up-to-date information, training and assistance to families and professionals about autism.

Through integrative research, educational outreach, model programs and collaborative initiatives, SARRC sets forth, promotes and facilitates best practices for early intervention and the long-term care of individuals with ASDs.

Over the past decade, the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) has worked diligently to provide quality services and support to children and families affected by autism, while searching for answers to solve the mysteries surrounding the disorder. It has been a decade of rapid growth, with ever-increasing demands to serve a burgeoning population of children being diagnosed, as well as an aging adult population living with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Keeping up with the demand for services has continued to be one of SARRC’s greatest challenges. Over the past decade, SARRC has expanded its direct services to children and parents, and refined its clinical and school consultation programs. In 2009, nearly 11,000 individuals were directly impacted by SARRC services—children, adolescents and young adults with ASDs and their neurotypical peers; family members; and professionals such as teachers, therapists and medical practitioners. More than 400 SARRC volunteers donated their time, and SARRC staff conducted 250 trainings and presentations and offered services to students and educators in nearly 90 Arizona schools.

With a focus on delivering the highest-quality, evidence-based services and programs available, SARRC will continue to grow to meet the ever-increasing demands of our community.

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